Sunday, October 12, 2008

Osmond Genealogy - Are You Related?

Osmond & Davis DNA Genealogy Project

In April 2008, the Osmond & Davis Family Organization (ODFO) began the Osmond & Davis DNA Genealogy Project. The ODFO did so because it was felt that this DNA project could further cement Osmond and Davis family genealogies and provide another research tool for people who wonder if they belong to or are connected to the Osmonds and Davis families of the British Isles and North America. It was also felt that DNA testing could possibly help the ODFO narrow down research requests from different parts of the world by allowing the comparison of DNA's from ODFO members to those of other people requesting ODFO assistance with their research.



deary said...

I am not related to the Osmonds, but I have the whole family on under A Very Big Family Tree.

I look at the blogs of other Osmonds to see any updates on any births or weddings. I don't want to bother them in anyway asking about there cousins without there permisson. All the information that I have is for my personal use.

Gaylynne Hone said...

I am connected through Tyresha Ann Beeler and Isaac Hawk Vail. I am a genealogist and doing more indepth research at this time. I have documents, histories stories. etc. If you are interested please contact me and we can share this information.

I am the family genealogist on this line - you may be interested in a website that we have started to try and share some of the histories.

If you are let me know