Sunday, October 12, 2008

Message from Alan & Suzanne

Message of Warning!

We wish to leave a message of warning and advice to all families about the impending danger or evil that we are facing.

We love this poem:

"All the water in the world, no matter how it tried, could ever sink the smallest ship, until it got inside.
All the evil in the world, and every kind of sin, could never damn a human soul . . . UNLESS WE LET IT IN!

Unfortunately, we CANNOT proclaim that "All is well" . . . because we are vulnerable to the destructive forces of evil that are all about us in this SIN-SICK WORLD.

Of the GREATEST concern in this day are these evils which tear at the fabric of the HOME and the FAMILY.

Most of the Sit Coms,Dramas, & Reality Shows contain Immorality, Violence, and subtle ridicule of traditional values, and traditional families. Each year the new shows seem to get worse, pushing the envelope of what the public will accept.

What comes out of Hollywood, and off the Internet, and in much of today's music
creates a web of decadence that can trap our children and endanger all of us. We have virtually given the monopoly to the world of PRIMETIME TV, glorifying the four things that will destroy a civilization:
The Lust for Power
The Lsut for Riches
The Lsu for Popularity
and the Desires of the Flesh.

Largely because of Television, we need continually . . . to fortify our homes and families and defend them against the onslaught of evils . . . such evils are very real, and very threatening. One has but to read the headlines of our newspapers and magazines to become frighteningly aware of the crumbling, destructive influences which surround us.

I am specifically concerned with today's media and the powerful negative effect it can have on families and on family life. The choices we make in media can be symbolic of the choices we make in life. If we choose the TRENDY and the TITILATING and the TAWDRY in TV Programs or in watching MOVIES . . . it can cause us to end up, if we're not careful, of choosing the SAME THINGS in the way we live our lives. If we do not make good choices, the media can devastate our families and pull our children away from the traditional family path.

We live in a time of war, the spiritual war that will never end. War itself now dominates the affairs of mankind. Our world at war, has lost its innocence!

There is nothing, however crude or unworthy, that is not deemed acceptable for movies or plays or music or conversation. The World seems to be TURNED UPSIDE DOWN!

We can live in the world without letting the world into us! Our family values can carry men and women buoyantly through the mist of darkness to the source of ALL LIGHT and truth. We can raise children who have been taught to discern and to make personal good decisions.

We must worship the LORD in truth and keep all of HIS commandments. We must seek for an enlarged capacity to influence the world toward a return to righteousness and a pure love of God.

May the Lord bless us in all our homes and families, as we strive to draw nearer to Him and keep His commandments. We humbly pray.

Alan & Suzanne Osmond

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heart at home said...

Thank you and AMEN to your words of warning and of wisdom. As a wife, mother (two teens still at home) and grandmother and as one who shares your religious and personal beliefs regarding this issue, I too am deeply concerned with the "upside down" direction our society is headed.

Along with selective media viewing/listening and following our religious leaders' counsel, what more can I do to help this cause? Please advise.