Saturday, October 04, 2008

Donny Osmond talks! And sings! And dances! More backstage Vegas chatter from one of Utah's favorite singing sons

Provo's own entertainment name brand, Donny Osmond, is back in Las Vegas, starring in a brand-new - yet nostalgic - variety show with younger sis, Marie. The show at The Flamingo is selling out its 750-seat lounge almost every night.
Before a recent performance, the 50-year-old singer talked to the Tribune from his hotel room, which has a view of a huge billboard of his sister. "They've got me staying right where Marie's teeth are," Osmond said. "I came up with this line and Marie started laughing and said I've got to keep it in the show. It's so bright, because of her teeth, I can never shut the lights out." (more)

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isleJane said...

Donny Osmond is a musician with many talents. Seeing him perform in person is a dream that can come true! Please, don't miss out on seeing Donny and Marie.