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When Hearts Conjoin

Our editor, writer, and longtime friend, Lu Ann Brobst Staheli is co-author of When Hearts Conjoin, The Story of Kendra and Maliyah Herrin. For more information, visit the website at, read the Herrin Twins fan page on Facebook, or drop Lu Ann an email (see below).

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Pre-Order the highly anticipated book -
When Hearts Conjoin

The complete and true story behind the Herrin Twins miracle.

On August 7-8, 2006, the whole world watched as a team of doctors performed a miracle at Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. For the first time, four-year-old twins Maliyah and Kendra Herrin were having surgery—in separate rooms. Born conjoined from mid-torso down, these two angels captured the hearts of millions of people around the world!

When Hearts Conjoin is the heart-warming story of Erin Herrin, her husband Jake, and all five of their children, Courtney, Justin, Austin, and, of course, Maliyah and Kendra. It is also a story of faith, hope and the power of a mother’s love.

Features never before seen pictures. Foreword by #1 New York Times bestselling author Richard Paul Evans. All of the royalties from this book will go to the girls’ medical fund.

PRE-ORDER YOUR COPIES NOW!! Book ships April 1, 2009

When Hearts Conjoin Paperback $12.95

When Hearts Conjoin Limited Collectors Edition $19.95
(Actually signed by the girls)

To contact Lu Ann Staheli, visit her website at
or email her at
Copyright (C) 2009 Herrin Family All rights reserved.

Osmonds & Other Celebrities help raise money for St. Rose pediatric centers

Larry Cruikshank / Special to the Home News

Marie Osmond sings to and about the love of children during the Children’s Miracle Mardi Gras Ball in the Bellagio Ballroom.

Wed, Feb 25, 2009 (7:36 p.m.)

Children's Miracle Mardi Gras Ball

Despite economic conditions that have cut budgets at most nonprofit agencies, the 52nd Children's Miracle Mardi Gras Ball had a night to remember for its attendance and the amount of money raised.

Charles Guida, president of St. Rose Dominician Health Foundation, said the ball had 800 guests, a record number, and raised more than $600,000 for St. Rose Dominican Hospitals' pediatric centers.

"It was a tremendous success," he said. "We had 300 more people attend (this year) and we raised $200,000 more."

Guida attributed this success to the efforts of the event's organizing committee, led by Jay Barrett, of Marnell Corrao Associates, Inc., and Lexy Capp, owner of Nannies & Housekeepers USA.

Southern Nevada's longest running fundraising ball featured special guest honorees Donny and Marie Osmond Saturday at the Bellagio.

"The hospital honored them for being one of the founding families of the Children's Miracle Network."

The entertaining duo were joined by performers Domenick Allen, Louie Anderson, Deborah Gibson, David Osmond, Osmonds 2nd Generation, Leigh Zimmerman, Tommy Thayer of Kiss, Doc McGee, RATT and Alan Osmond.

The Miracle "blitz" donation collected about $41,000. Sponsorships and the auction raised about $75,000. Auction items included a Southwest Air trip to a Kiss concert and back stage passes.

Proceeds from the ball benefit the Pediatric Centers at St. Rose Dominican Hospitals, southern Nevada's only not-for-profit, religiously-affiliated hospital system and only local affiliate of Children's Miracle Network.

FOR MORE PHOTOS of Donny, Maries, Osmonds Second Generation, including David Osmond, and other celebrities, VISIT The Las Vegas Sun.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Second Generation at the Bellagio

The Osmonds Second Generation were in Las Vegas last weekend for a performance for the Children's Miracle Network. To see more photos, check out Nathan's blog.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Marie's Sweetheart Doll Signing on ET

ET was there as entertainer Marie Osmond met fans in Las Vegas for a special Valentine's Day-themed doll signing event.

The event included bridal gift basket giveaways and she happily signed her doll creations for fans at the Flamingo Las Vegas, where she currently performs with her famous brother Donny.

Watch the video to see a surprise visit to the event by Bon Jovi's lead guitarist Richie Sambora and hear what Marie has to say about going out on a date with the rock star.

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Brandon in the Semi-Finals Round at Mormon Times

His older brother Don has asked us to let everyone know that Brandon has made it into the Semi-Finals round at the Mormon Times competition and needs everyone to vote for him during the next two weeks: Feb 16 through Mar 2.

This is a place for singers/songwriters to share their music. Brandon was chosen as one of the top four semi-finalists out of more than 30 contestnats in round one.

Don shares these instructions:

"If you don't all ready have an account with Mormon Times, you'll need to get one set up. CLICK HERE! (Don't worry. You don't need to be a Mormon to sign up, and they will not send missionaries to your home. Everyone I've talked to has said they have never received any unsolicited information or spam from the Web site -- I was worried about that, too!)

After you've signed up and logged in, go to this link -- CLICK HERE!

Everyone gets one vote per day, so make sure you go back as often as you remember and vote for him.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

JIMMY OSMOND: I had a hole in the heart for 40 years - but I didn't know until I had a stroke


By Bonnie Estridge
14th February 2009

Jimmy Osmond

In control: Jimmy Osmond has re-evaluated his life after his stroke

Last week, at a West End performance of Grease, women in the front rows of the audience were screaming out his name - not for the lead actor playing Danny Zucko, but for the middle-aged former pop sensation Jimmy Osmond who appears briefly as the Teen Angel.

Even though he is now 45 years old, 'Little' Jimmy still lives with the legacy of growing up as the youngest member of The Osmonds, the wholesome boy band from Utah who took the UK by storm in the Seventies.

At eight years old, Jimmy had a No1 of his own - and remains the youngest performer to top the UK singles charts with his 1972 hit Long Haired Lover From Liverpool. He also headlined Las Vegas and counted Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams and Elvis among his friends.

As a family of nine, including heart-throb Donny and the beautiful only sister Marie, The Osmonds exuded good health, with their thick glossy hair and perfect white teeth. As Mormons, they abstained from the excesses of the rock star lifestyle, and Jimmy admits now that as he grew up he felt invincible.

But his health is something he no longer takes for granted after a terrifying ordeal that he has, until now, never spoken about publicly.

For five years ago, at the age of 40, Jimmy suffered a stroke, caused by a relatively common congenital condition which, it transpired, has also affected other members of his family, although none of them knew anything about it.

At the time, he was in Missouri recording his own TV show, Jimmy Osmond's American Jukebox, when he was suddenly overcome with a blinding headache.

'It came on so fast and I could hardly see - it was as if I had tunnel vision,' he recalls. 'Somehow, I managed to get to the end of the show. How I drove home I have no idea and I should not have done it because I couldn't even see the lines in the middle of the road, but I was desperate to get back to my family and go to bed.

'The following morning I tried to get up, but felt so dizzy that I fell over. My vision was still bad and this terrible headache was gnawing away right at the base of my skull.'

Jimmy, who has four children Sophia, 14, Zachary, 11, Wyatt, 9, and Bella, 6, with his wife, Michelle, also 45, thought it was a severe migraine. But Michelle drove him to the local hospital where doctors advised him to have a CT (brain) scan.

The tests revealed he had suffered a stroke. This happens when small clots or emboli break off into the blood stream, temporarily blocking the blood flow in small blood vessels, which leaves part of the brain without oxygen for a few minutes.

Fortunately, the stroke caused no permanent damage, although until recently he still suffered to some extent from headaches and found reading a strain.

'I had been working on 12 shows a week and other projects so I never really had time to relax,' Jimmy says. 'I'd been feeling pretty exhausted and assumed the stroke had been something to do with that.

'Yet I had never had high blood pressure, high cholesterol or any other problems that could have given any clues as to why I would have a stroke. The doctors decided to take a look at my heart.'

Jimmy was given a bubble echocardiogram - a procedure in which an ultrasound scan of the heart is followed by an injection of a bubble of saline (purified water) into the arm to make the heart functions more visible.

It revealed a Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) - a hole the size of a pound coin in the septal wall that separates the right and upper left chambers of the heart. It was a birth defect that had gone undetected.

Jimmy had been through many insurance medicals but had never been given an echocardiogram as there had not appeared to be any need for one. No abnormal heart sounds had been detected, and his blood pressure and cholesterol were normal.

Jimmy Osmond as a child

Jimmy as a child in The Osmonds

'My doctor explained that over time, tiny blood clots that he described as "particles" had traveled from my heart to my brain, forming a large clot. and this is what had caused the stroke,' says Jimmy.

'He warned me that unless I had emergency surgery to close the hole then I was at risk of having another stroke.'

June Davison, Cardiac Nurse Adviser for the British Heart Foundation, explains: 'People don't usually have symptoms, but one of the biggest risks associated with having a PFO is the risk of a stroke and those who have PFOs are more likely to have migraines. We do know that two in 100 babies are born with it.'

To close the hole, a tiny device made from polyester - known as an occluder - is inserted into a blood vessel in the groin and passed up into the heart.

The occluder opens on either side of the hole, like a two-sided umbrella, and is then pulled against the heart wall, encasing the hole and closing it. Tissue then grows over the implant and it becomes part of the heart.

'It was only as I was about to go into the operating theatre with the anaesthetist saying in a pitying way, "You're such a young guy and you're having heart surgery", that I realized I was just 40 and looking at my own mortality,' says Jimmy, 'even though I had been told that this condition was in no way age- or lifestyle-related.

'Apparently, the main risk of the operation was that the device could become dislodged before it had embedded well enough into the heart wall, and this was a frightening thought.

He adds: 'I started worrying that because I'd been away from home on tour all over the US so much, perhaps I hadn't seen enough of my kids.

'I remember being on the trolley saying goodbye to Michelle and the kids, then just before I went under the anaesthetic, a doctor came waving a liability form for me to sign, saying, "I have to tell you that this procedure could take your life," which didn't help matters at all.

'The operation, which lasted about an hour, was straightforward but the recovery was painful. Afterwards I spent a week in hospital until I was fit and able to go home.'

However, Jimmy is not the only one in his family to have suffered from heart problems. His mother Olive died in 2004 at the age of 79 from a massive stroke and his doctor now believes an undiagnosed hole in the heart could have caused this.

As the defect was likely to be genetic, his eight siblings, his children, nephews and nieces were tested.

It turned out that three of Jimmy's brothers - they prefer to keep their identity private - plus two of his nephews and his own daughter, Bella, were found to be suffering from the same condition.

All those affected went on to have the PFO closure operation except Bella, who was a baby at the time. Because she had such a tiny hole, Jimmy and Michelle were advised that it was best to let it close on its own, which it did.

'I still cannot believe that I never had any symptoms as a child,' says Jimmy. 'Doctors say there are few, if any at all.'

But now, he says, he feels fit and well and has been given a clean bill of health.

His only medication is Lipitor, a cholesterol-lowering drug that he now takes as a precautionary measure.

He certainly looks in good shape, and at just over 5ft 10in and 12 stone 4lb, he has a BMI within the 'healthy' range. However, he admits that there is, as he puts it, a 'real family propensity to putting on weight'.

And there is another health problem in the family far more common than PFO that could put Jimmy in danger of another stroke if he does not keep his weight in check - coronary heart disease.

The Osmonds. From left to right: Donny, Marie, Merrill, Jay, Alan, Wayne and Jimmy

Keeping it in the family: The Osmond brothers in 1971 with sister Marie. From left to right: Donny, Marie, Merrill, Jay, Alan, Wayne and Jimmy

Jimmy's father George suffered a heart attack in his late-50s, which led to a quadruple bypass, and he also had a succession of four pacemakers over the years to correct abnormal heart rhythm.

'Dad had coronary disease for many years, even during the time we were touring in the Seventies,' says Jimmy. We knew there was high blood pressure and high cholesterol on his side of the family.

'In fact, Dad lived until he was 90 - the pacemakers probably kept him going - but he loved working on his ranch in Utah so much that he managed to keep active and was still shoveling cow dung, baling hay and tending to his garden right into his late 80s.

'I know that I need to be more active, particularly when I am not performing because then I'm sitting behind a desk for hours on end. My life can be pretty sedentary and I'm a bit naughty in the eating department,' he says sheepishly.

'My nemesis is ice cream - I love it so much - and I do have the occasional McDonald's cheeseburger, but generally I avoid foods such as red meat and fry-ups. Actually, I try to stick to a vegetarian diet.'

The health of his children is something that worries Jimmy. 'The problem these days is that things are so different from 30 or so years ago, and we parents do our kids a real disservice by buying them video games and letting them watch TV all the time.

'Thankfully, at home in Utah, Michelle takes them after school and at weekends to basketball baseball, skiing, swimming and soccer to make sure that they keep active.'

And he adds: 'The Osmonds lived in a bubble - an extraordinary existence - and we were offered everything going, but our Mormon religion forbade drink and drugs. We didn't even smoke.'

As well as playing Teen Angel in Grease, Jimmy is also a successful TV and music video producer who has numerous business interests.

He is also an active patron of the Children's Miracle Network, which raises funds for children's hospitals across North America.

'As I head towards 50 I need to adopt a lifestyle that I can live with,' says Jimmy.

'I have a real aversion to the gym. So I do what I can. Over the past month that I've been appearing in Grease, I've been walking the couple of miles or so to the theatre, I climb stairs rather than take the lift whenever possible.

'I always ask for a hotel that has a pool and swim every day if I can. I'm also trying to cut right down on bread and other starchy foods such as pasta and rice.

'I'll also try to eat less ice cream,' he adds ruefully, 'but it's hopeless for me to completely cut out the things I love.

'Importantly, I need to relax more, which is something I have only recently started to do. I make a real effort to enjoy the moment rather than get stressed about things over which I have no control and, most importantly, really savour the time with my family.'

Once he finishes his run in Grease at the end of this month, Jimmy goes on the road with the UK tour of Chicago in which he plays Billy Flynn, and he says he's determined to keep up his good intentions wherever he may be.

'I am getting things under control,' Jimmy says firmly. 'I think that I have finally realized that I can have it all - just not all at once.'

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Fun Survey for David on American Idol

The website for American Idol ( is running a fun little survey right now: "Who will you miss most?" The choices are Rose Flack, David Osmond, Bikini Girl!

We hope you'll go over and VOTE for David, even if it is just for fun. The last time we checked, he was in the lead with 57% of the votes! You CAN vote multiple times, just like calling in to the show.

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Nathan on 101.5 "The Eagle" Thursday morning

Nathan says listen to 101.5 FM "The Eagle" tomorrow @ 7:30AM (MST) to hear him share some of his latest Country tunes. Listen ONLINE

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hear David Osmond Sing

David Osmond on E.T. with Donny

An Osmond is kicked off of "American Idol" -- and ET gets the inside scoop from Donny and his nephew David.

"It was crazy. It was insane," David tells ET. "I'm sitting there in the Kodak Theatre [with the] judges to my right, my group's there ready to go and my voice slips away."

More than 26 million people watched as Donny and Marie's nephew was sent home.

David continues, "By lunch, I started to have a vocal problem. I didn't know what it was. I wasn't sick or anything. By dinner, I couldn't sing a note. I couldn't get a tone out, and I had full-blown laryngitis within about eight hours."

That isn't David's only illness. He also suffers from something that put him in a wheelchair just last year.

"Doctors determined that I was bit by a mosquito and that in turn triggered Multiple Sclerosis," he shares. "My dad [Alan Osmond] has had MS for 21 years and he's been a huge role model for me."

Because of David's age, this is the last year he is eligible to compete on "American Idol," but not to worry. ET is going to give him his big break, so tune back in tomorrow when David will be performing on the ET stage!

Visit the website below and click on the photo to see an expanded interview with more than was shown in E.T. on Thursday night. be sure to listen to David sing from the Entertainment Tonight studios on Friday.

Source: ETonline

David Osmond on Entertainment Tonight

Entertainment Tonight with show an interview with David Osmond tonight. The interview with his uncle Donny was taped last night in Las Vegas after the Donny & Marie show. Of course, the topic is David's appearances on American Idol. Be sure to visit David's blog link to get the whole story.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

'Idol' cuts more hopefuls in 2nd Hollywood round

LOS ANGELES (AP) — "American Idol" is another step closer to revealing its 36 semifinalists. Following group performances by the remaining 104 crooners, host Ryan Seacrest announced at the end of Wednesday's episode that about 75 hopefuls made it through to the next round of Hollywood Week on the eighth season of the popular Fox singing competition.

Much of the episode focused on bickering and sobbing singers rather than their group routines performed for the judges.

Among the hopefuls cut: Katrina "Bikini Girl" Darrell, confrontational Nancy Wilson, happy-go-lucky Austin Sisneros, dreadlocked Rose Flack, Southern belle Deanna Brown and David Osmond, the son of the eldest singing Osmond brother.

Own a Piece of Second Generation History

If you've been a longtime Osmonds: Second Generation fan, then you'll remember the leather jacket worn by Nathan in several photos shoots. He bought this jacket in London and worn it on the New Kids on the Block "No More Games Tour" when Second Generation opened for NKOTB. This jacket is currently on auction on eBay. Nathan says it was one of his favorite pieces of wardrobe. The winner of the jacket will also receive an autographed head shot from Nathan. The auction is open for the next 7 days.

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Alex Osmond Home from Georgia

This was the last picture of Elder Osmond and his Mission President, President Steven D. King, of the Georgia Atlanta North Mission, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. President King released Alex as a Full Time Missionary, and sends Alex back home to us after a very successful mission in Georgia! Alex is The 7th son to accomplish this missionary service in Alan & Suzanne Osmond Family, with only Tyler Osmond left to go!

We had a great big family and friends party for him and the party continued at our into the evening as everyone gathered to watch David on American Idol last week.

Could this be Jimmy Osmond's biggest fan?

She has been part of the A-list crowd for almost 20 years, yet it appears Elizabeth Hurley can still be starstruck.

Hurley couldn't resist the opportunity to go backstage and meet childhood crush Jimmy Osmond at a performance of Grease in London's West End.

The model and Austin Powers actress even confessed she had a life size poster of Jimmy stuck to her bedroom wall when she was nine.

Elizabeth Hurley mets her Teen Angel Jimmy Osmond

Elizabeth Hurley mets her Teen Angel Jimmy Osmond

The pair looked cozy as they posed for photographs during their meeting, but both are apparently happily married.

The youngest Osmond is starring as Teen Angel in the smash-hit musical at the Piccadilly Theatre.

Liz had a life size poster of Jimmy on her bedroom wall as a child

Liz had a life size poster of Jimmy on her bedroom wall as a child

Last year, Grease raised £500,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support and as a patron of the charity Liz accepted the cheque on its behalf.

Jimmy, who hit the stage last year with his family in a series of shows around Britain, is keeping busy with a run in Grease until the end of February and then a role as Billy Flynn in the touring production of Chicago.

Source: UK Daily Mail

No dancing for Donny

Donny Osmond won't be cha-cha-cha-ing in his sister Marie Osmond's footsteps any time soon on "Dancing with the Stars." The singer-actor says he spoke too soon earlier this week when he hinted at joining the hit ABC show. "I'm definitely not doing this upcoming season," Osmond tells ET. "If there was an offer on the table, I'd do it in the fall. I would make room for it. Absolutely!"

Source: Detroit News

American Idol Salt Lake City

Tonight the American Idol judges ventured into Salt Lake City, Utah. This is the home of last season’s runner-up, David Archuleta. American Idol’s, first season winner, Kelly Clarkson was supposed to provide a sneak preview of her new video, My Life Would Suck Without You, during one of the commercials, but it never happened?


David Osmond was the first person to hit the audition stage. His dad Allen is part of the Osmond family singers. Both Allen and David have Multiple Sclerosis. The 28 year old sang, Something Within Me. Paula Abdul was concerned that he is accustomed to singing with a group and wondered if he would be a front man. He got his golden ticket to Hollywood.

Source: Reality TV Magazine

Jimmy Launches Branch of CMN in the UK

Singer Jimmy Osmond has launched an international charity in the UK to raise money for children's hospitals.

The Children's Miracle Network (CMN) has already raised almost four billion dollars for children's hospitals around the world since it was founded by the Osmond family, along with actor John Schneider, in the 1980s.

The Network has now expanded to the UK, where it will work in partnership with financial services organisation Foresters to raise funds for 24 hospitals that specialise in child care.

Osmond, the former child star who had a UK number one in 1972 with Long Haired Lover From Liverpool, said: "The Osmond Family and John Schneider set up Children's Miracle Network more than 25 years ago with the dream of helping children in hospitals throughout the world. With our expansion into the UK, funded by our UK founding sponsor Foresters, we are another step closer to seeing that dream become a reality - helping support the fantastic work of children's hospitals in the UK in providing the best possible care, equipment, research and preventive education for children."

The CMN currently helps 170 children's hospitals in Australia, Canada, Ireland, and the US, generating more than £100 million in funds last year.

In partnership with major corporations such as Disney and Microsoft, the Network holds annual fundraisers, including the Children's Miracle Network Celebration at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

At last year's event a host of stars turned out to perform, including the Jonas Brothers and Daniel Powter.

"Radiothons" with local radio stations are planned in the UK, three-day broadcast events designed to engage communities in fundraising campaigns for their local children's hospital.

The CMN has already raised more than £1 million for hospitals in Bristol, Cardiff and Edinburgh as well as Cork and Dublin. Osmond will be taking five British "champion" children who have benefited from the scheme to Disney World later this year to celebrate its success.

Osmond said: "It's a fun and worthwhile cause to be involved in and it's exciting when you actually see a child benefit from those efforts. There's no big administrative fees - we've never made a dime, none of the celebrities have, and that's unique, it's a true charity - 100% of the money raised goes to benefiting the kids, there's no silliness involved."

Source: Press Association

Merrill to Team with Calon TV for Shiloh

Merrill Osmond is writing Shiloh, the tale of a young girl rendered mute after seeing her father die while saving her life. She finds solace in caring for horses and develops a special bond with the legendary Shiloh, whom she battles to save from the clutches of cruel equine traders.

Osmond met with the Welsh indie last year when he was touring with his band and is now working on the film's soundtrack with Mal Pope, who previously scored children's shows such as Fireman Sam and Superted, which were produced by staff who have gone on to work at Calon TV.

Calon TV managing director Robin Lyons and commercial director Huw Walters will be seeking backing for the movie when they attend next month's annual KidScreen Summit in New York.

The project is envisaged as a cinema release with a pre-buy commitment from a broadcaster for subsequent TV rights.

Osmond said it was inspired by witnessing a friend's son give up his drug addiction after horse whispering sessions.

"There is something very magical in witnessing a horse that can search out and unite with someone who is hurting," he said.

"The idea for Shiloh came to me in a dream years ago, it really affected me and I've held it close to my heart ever since. Shiloh has an almost Biblical meaning and the whole concept of Shiloh and the assistance he could bring. So I'm happy it's become real."

Source: Broadcast Now