Monday, February 02, 2009

Merrill to Team with Calon TV for Shiloh

Merrill Osmond is writing Shiloh, the tale of a young girl rendered mute after seeing her father die while saving her life. She finds solace in caring for horses and develops a special bond with the legendary Shiloh, whom she battles to save from the clutches of cruel equine traders.

Osmond met with the Welsh indie last year when he was touring with his band and is now working on the film's soundtrack with Mal Pope, who previously scored children's shows such as Fireman Sam and Superted, which were produced by staff who have gone on to work at Calon TV.

Calon TV managing director Robin Lyons and commercial director Huw Walters will be seeking backing for the movie when they attend next month's annual KidScreen Summit in New York.

The project is envisaged as a cinema release with a pre-buy commitment from a broadcaster for subsequent TV rights.

Osmond said it was inspired by witnessing a friend's son give up his drug addiction after horse whispering sessions.

"There is something very magical in witnessing a horse that can search out and unite with someone who is hurting," he said.

"The idea for Shiloh came to me in a dream years ago, it really affected me and I've held it close to my heart ever since. Shiloh has an almost Biblical meaning and the whole concept of Shiloh and the assistance he could bring. So I'm happy it's become real."

Source: Broadcast Now

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Andrew said...

Mal Pope did not write the Fireman Sam music.