Monday, February 02, 2009

Jimmy Launches Branch of CMN in the UK

Singer Jimmy Osmond has launched an international charity in the UK to raise money for children's hospitals.

The Children's Miracle Network (CMN) has already raised almost four billion dollars for children's hospitals around the world since it was founded by the Osmond family, along with actor John Schneider, in the 1980s.

The Network has now expanded to the UK, where it will work in partnership with financial services organisation Foresters to raise funds for 24 hospitals that specialise in child care.

Osmond, the former child star who had a UK number one in 1972 with Long Haired Lover From Liverpool, said: "The Osmond Family and John Schneider set up Children's Miracle Network more than 25 years ago with the dream of helping children in hospitals throughout the world. With our expansion into the UK, funded by our UK founding sponsor Foresters, we are another step closer to seeing that dream become a reality - helping support the fantastic work of children's hospitals in the UK in providing the best possible care, equipment, research and preventive education for children."

The CMN currently helps 170 children's hospitals in Australia, Canada, Ireland, and the US, generating more than £100 million in funds last year.

In partnership with major corporations such as Disney and Microsoft, the Network holds annual fundraisers, including the Children's Miracle Network Celebration at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

At last year's event a host of stars turned out to perform, including the Jonas Brothers and Daniel Powter.

"Radiothons" with local radio stations are planned in the UK, three-day broadcast events designed to engage communities in fundraising campaigns for their local children's hospital.

The CMN has already raised more than £1 million for hospitals in Bristol, Cardiff and Edinburgh as well as Cork and Dublin. Osmond will be taking five British "champion" children who have benefited from the scheme to Disney World later this year to celebrate its success.

Osmond said: "It's a fun and worthwhile cause to be involved in and it's exciting when you actually see a child benefit from those efforts. There's no big administrative fees - we've never made a dime, none of the celebrities have, and that's unique, it's a true charity - 100% of the money raised goes to benefiting the kids, there's no silliness involved."

Source: Press Association

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