Monday, May 08, 2006

Hello, this is Alan Osmond. The Family is the fundamental unit of society.
Nothing can compensate for failure in the home.

In today's media driven world and as the father of eight (8) sons, I find it challenging to maintain the same traditional family values that my parents taught me and that I want to pass on to my sons and grandchildren. As we pursued a career in the entertainment industry and tried to maintain high standards of decency, we often got our values challenged. We were able to avoid the many pitfalls of the entertainment industry and we were grateful to our parents for their examples and teachings that gave us confidence to be who we were. When the media and the press would charge us as being "goody-goody", "clean cut", and "squeaky clean Utah Mormons", there were great people like Elvis Presley, Paul McCartney, Led Zeppelin, Andy Williams, Larry King and many others that would defend us. This has taught me great lessons that I hope my posterity will always remember . . . that it is okay to be good . . . that we have the "power to choose" . . . that we are all God's kids . . . and we need to endure to the end.

Please add your story to our blog so we all can learn from each other how to "Strengthen Families". Here is a picture of my family. Please share some stories and pictures of yours.