Thursday, October 23, 2008

Helping All Charities Be of ONE HEART

Alan & Suzanne Osmond founded One Heart International, a non-profit organization designed to strengthen families and bring charities together by helping raise awareness and funds for worthwhile causes and organizations back in 1996. Over the past 12 years they have sought to unify charities for the good of all mankind, helping them to be "of One Heart."

This year, One Heart was selected as the exclusive charity for a new professional fund-raising organization called, uPlej (pronounced, "You Pledge"). is a new social networking site that is designed to help raise funds and awareness for YOUR favorite charities. One Heart helps to facilitate the donations to each of the selected charities without ever taking any percentage. The only way One Heart is sustained financially through uPlej is if YOU join THEIR uPlej network ( and/or choose them as YOUR charity of choice. What's nice about uPlej is that they allow you can change your charity every single month and spread the love to various causes.

uPlej is breaking down the walls between charities by helping them to come together. When one charity receives a donation on uPlej, so do 3 other charities (See the Donor Program info attached below). In fact, politicians in Utah have said that uPlej is "Brilliant" because it, "democratizes charitable giving." Now the small charities have equal opportunity to make just as much as the "Big Boys" who get all the donations. Governor Huntsman, upon learning about the uPlej model said, "Thank you so much for bringing charity to the youth." Even Utah's own Attorney General, Mark Shurtleff is a "uPlejer." The beautiful part about it all is that One Heart stands at the forefront of it all and is the charity that is helping to make it all possible.

Alan & Suzanne Osmond would like to invite YOU to join their FREE uPlej charity network by going to and clicking the little orange button that says, "Join FREE." Once you've filled out your information, be sure to login to the system by entering your username and password and then click "Edit User Profile." This will allow you to build a profile page on uPlej (similar to a Myspace of Facebook page). Once you've done that, you are ready to start inviting YOUR friends to join YOUR uPlej network. The more people that join YOUR network, the BIGGER the impact for YOUR favorite charities. Even if you choose to support a different charity than One Heart, so long as you are in their network, you are still supporting One Heart. "I want to invite all people everywhere to get involved and help make a difference for charity," said Alan Osmond. "uPlej is the best mechanism that I have found that allows you to give BIG without breaking the bank. And that's good news in today's economy!!!"

uPlej is FREE to join. Alan's son Nathan Osmond has already raised over $3,900 for charity over the past couple of months, simply by inviting people to join his uPlej network. Go to TODAY and become a "uPlejer" yourself. You'll
be glad you did!!!

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