Sunday, July 19, 2009

Osmond sighting: Merrill keeps music and faith at forefront

Merrill Osmond, the lead voice of the famous Osmond family, has spent more than 50 of his 56 years on stage.

He's still going strong. He will perform Friday and Saturday at the Comedy Quarter in Neenah. (Yes, it's a comedy club but, no, it's not a comedy show; it's a concert).

In 2007 Osmond and his eight siblings took a 50th anniversary performance tour around the world.

That tour marked the end of one era and the beginning of another for Osmond. He's concentrating on touring solo this year, although he also appears in some shows with one or more of his brothers. Collectively the Osmonds have produced 47 gold and platinum records with record sales at 100 million.

"In Europe especially it's the young people who have grabbed on to the music," said Osmond, who lives in Ephraim, Utah. "It's a retro situation going on and we're just humbled and excited about it."


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