Friday, July 24, 2009

Mistaken identity

by Don Osmond

There are times when we are mistaken for someone else.

If you are being compared to someone you admire, a case of mistaken identity can be viewed as a compliment. However, there are times you're told you have a striking resemblance to Tobias from "Arrested Development." (That's no lie. It happened to me last week. Please tell me she was joking.)

I digress.

A few years ago, my family and I took a flight to Denver. I think my father was performing out there, but I honestly don't remember. Regardless, it was a reason to take a family trip for the weekend.

The seven of us boarded the plane in Salt Lake City. My parents and I were seated three-across on the left, and my brothers in the neighboring seats.

As with any typical Osmond sighting, we were picking up a few audible whispered conversations.

"Psst. That's Donny Osmond." (Over the years, I've trained my ear. It's kind of a game my brothers and I play; a misspent youth, I know.)


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