Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Donny and Marie tackle new album

Donny and Marie Osmond's first album in 31 years "definitely has a lot of hits on it," predicts the hotel executive who reunited them as Las Vegas headliners last fall.

Don Marrandino, president of Harrah's Las Vegas, said he has listened to a sampling of the new songs and the album features "a lot of love songs."

"What resonates so much is that's it's so young and hip and good," he said.

The album, about half-completed, is being engineered by Donny in a sound studio he built in his dressing room.

Donny and Marie worked several references of the new album into Marrandino's roast in front of 500 high rollers on Saturday night at the Flamingo Las Vegas.

Donny noted Marrandino is a rock guitarist who has played on stage with a number of bands. Marrandino might play the guitar on the album, Donny said.

Marie jumped out of her dais chair and exclaimed, "Over my dead body."

Donny said he checked out Marrandino's guitar skills one night.

"He was really rockin' out," Donny said. "If his guitar was plugged in, it could have really been something. I have never seen someone play air guitar with a real guitar!"

Marrandino revealed on Sunday that he has extended the brother-sister act another two years, through 2012.

"We're wildly happy that they are going to be here another three years," Marrandino said.

SOURCE: ReviewJournal.com


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