Monday, December 01, 2008

David Osmond to Join the Show!

David will join the Osmond Family Christmas Show, "The Spirit of Christmas," at the Branson Variety Theater in Branson, Missouri, beginning Tuesday December 2nd.

The Branson Variety Theater is located at 2701 West Hwy 76, right in the heart of the famed Country Music Boulevard. Performances: December 2nd - 13th. Check the show schedule for available dates and times, or purchase tickets by calling 1-888-462-7267.

Photo courtesy of Susan and Laura H.


jaybs said...

First I wished I could have been at the CHRISTMAS SHOW now DAVID is appearing at Branson, how many wishes are we allowed?? - once again I would give anything to see David in one of the Shows.

The photo's from Susan and Laura of the CHRISTMAS SHOW and also the one of DAVID AND VALERIE is superb, have you a website I can see then larger and clearer Please!

Anonymous said...

That's great to see the Osmond family! There are always great Branson attractions to see when I go.