Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Message from Alan

Hello Friends!

We at Osmond Network want to express our Love and Best Wishes to you for this coming year!Yes, you are loved, and we are blessed!

Whether you are a subscriber, a customer, a fan / friend, or just someone who wants to help “Turn this World Around”, and make a difference by getting Noi-Z for good… Our network has tried to publish to you the TRUTH.

Thanks from Osmond.com, 2ndg.com, TheFamily.com, Get Noi-Z.org, OneHeart.org, TheOsmond”Family” Blog, The Family Forum, ON Store@The family.com, deaf.net, donny.com, marieosmond.com, OBWise.com, TheFamily.com/Awards.asp, OsmondMS.com WarmingFamilies.com, Osmondgenetree.com, Cookingforboys.com, Elvisbofm.com, WhyIAmAMormon.com, etc… The Osmonds, LuAnn and staff , all hope you will remember and stay with us in 2009!

Let “Come what may” and Let’s Be Happy!

Alan Osmond

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