Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Way Newsletter

We at Osmond Network want to thank you for joining THE WAY Newsletter Mailing List. (located at

We will have formal emails coming out soon with helps and discussions that hopefully will move us forward in life to help us best choose The WAY we should live our lives and in making GOOD choices. I ask all who want to know what more to GET NOIZ, and to turn this world around, to become a Zion People, and to really set our minds upon change for the better! We need to be "In the world", but, NOT "Of the world"!

At such a time as this, in these troubled times, we must ENDURE and be true and faithful in our values and endure to the end with what we believe and in our personal desires! We must want to have what the scriptures say and have a Mighty Change of Heart! Of course, this is your choice!

We should be "Of One Heart", "One Mind", have NO DESIRE FOR ANYTHING of and EVIL Nature, Thought, or Desire! I wrote a song about One Heart that helps expresses it: "When the Love for Another makes a Stranger your Brother" then you're ONE! Yes, EVERY decision we make in our lives from now on must have Eternal Consequences! And, eventually, there will be NO POOR among us!

As I think about the word, ENDURES I remember how much our parents shared this phrase with us to keep reminding us as we were growing up. My son Doug, saw this logo in his mind of "ETTE" . . . "Endure To The End". So, I made it up into pins and other reminder motivational jewelry. I encourage ALL to put this in your minds, to wear it, and to constantly think about it every day!

Some of these helpful visual reminders are here: I have found them most helpful, "Lest ye forget"!

Thank you friends! Let us get started doing what's right and TRUE! JESUS is "THE WAY"! May we ENDURE TO THE END!


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