Friday, February 26, 2010

Osmond Brothers in Branson May 4th

Several friends and fans have been calling, trying to verify if The Osmond Brothers will be back in Branson, Missouri on May 4th! YES, THEY WILL! That day, of course, is a special day as it is our Mother’s Birthday! The Brothers wanted to honor their Mother, Olive Davis Osmond, by being at her Cabin Museum dedication in Samaria, Idaho Sunday, May 2nd for a family fireside, and Monday May 3rd for the dedication of “The Olive May Davis Osmond Cabin and Museum!

Olive’s Great Grandfather, Thomas John Davis was born in Wales, married Elizabeth Williams in 1853, came to America and built the cabin in the 1870’s. Olive’s Grandfather, Samuel Williams Davis (1863 -1942) lived in it and married Mary Ann Martin in 1890. Olive’s Father, Thomas Martin Davis (1899 – 1968) was born and raised in this cabin. He married Vera Ann Nichols in 1923. Our Mother, Olive May Davis was born May 4th, 1925 in that SAME CABIN!

People in Idaho told us that “Olive is the most popular woman ever to have come out of the State of Idaho!” This was important for the brothers to be there. ALL of the Osmonds and Davis’s will be there to launch the “OLIVE MAY DAVIS OSMOND CABIN AND MUSEUM! A special brass plaque called “Olive Eternal” will be dedicated and this Cabin Museum will then be open to the public. It was rebuilt and maintained by the community of Samaria, Idaho. The Welch Days Festival will honor Olive and all those from Wales. More information on the Davis and Osmond Family Histories is here:

A booklet called, “Davis, the other Half of the Osmonds”, is here:


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