Tuesday, November 24, 2009

If Donny Osmond wins on Dancing with the Stars it could shine light on Las Vegas tourism

Donny Osmond’s win on Dancing with the Stars could shine light on Las Vegas tourism: Will Las Vegas residents vote for him?

Donny Osmond is truly talented. At 51, he is competing in the ever popular ABC reality show Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) beating performers half is age.

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lindapny said...

Win or lose Donny(and Marie) already shine a HUGE light on Las Vegas! I know I have seen it! They are both truly amazing!

Kristine Clark said...

Donny and Kym I watched you two every week on Dancing with the stars and every vote I did went to you two. I had my heart in my thort waiting to heare if you won and when you did I had terres im my eyes. Keep on dancing with your heart and never give up. Sincerly Kristine Clark