Tuesday, September 29, 2009

On the Set With David Osmond


As you know by now, we have the privilege of having recording artist David Osmond performing at this year’s annual convention singing our new theme song No Limits (listen to the theme song) and other songs.

Yesterday we were on the set all day with David and his wife, Valerie, shooting the music video for the new theme song which you will get to see in the Opening Session. They even brought their new baby girl to hang out with us.

David is amazingly talented and fun to watch perform. As we were shooting he shared with me his experience with the USANA product that he has been taking now for several years.

As you may or may not know, David has been battling MS for the past several years and to help him feel his best he rarely misses a day taking the product. He told me it gives him the energy he needs to maintain his vigorous recording schedule. He absolutely loves these products and can’t imagine keeping up with his crazy schedule without them.

As much as David is a fan of USANA’s products, we are fans of his and grateful that he is part of the USANA family. It is great to work for a company that attracts the best of the best — from Olympic athletes to leading health care professionals to world class entertainers like David and Valerie.

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