Tuesday, September 29, 2009

DonSense: Same beat, different song

What does it take to sell a million albums?

Nothing! These days, publicity sells us anything from the garbage heap.

Music is no longer about talent; it's about marketing.

Oh, the irony. "Don't worry; we can Milli Vanilli the voice if they're really bad." (It's funny how that has become the standard.)

This is the reason why I don't go to concerts. Listening to the real voice of some artists just ruins the music -- yes, I'm guilty of liking cookie-cutter, overproduced, synthesized beats. We all embrace the facade of MP3s.

Music is fun to listen to, but only because it is digitally mastered to the point where no flaw can be heard.

So, where is the real talent? You know, the concerts we walk away from in awe after witnessing the most amazing show -- not the "wow" factor of lights, crowd surfing and deafening noise levels.

Or, have we all become so desensitized to the point of pathetic passiveness that we can't differentiate between real talent from a marketing overhaul?

Truth be told, I've got music in my iPod that is too embarrassing to even write on this blog for fear of ridicule. Why? 'Cuz it ain't cool.

Isn't that unfortunate. It's a shame we can't appreciate talent for talent's sake. We're a society purchased by the ploys of marketing and spin doctors who create the appearance of talent-laden celebrities.

Maybe the next time we are about to turn our backs on uncool music, we'll take a second look (or another listen) and consider the talent therein.

We may just open our mind to a new genre of music, or dare I say -- the ballet?


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Anonymous said...

That is SO true!!!
Where can we hear some of YOUR music?!
Both my kids go to Christian schools (middle & High) here in Colorado and we have gotten into "Casting Crowns" lately.
So what IS on your ipod?!
Speaking of talent...
I ran across a song that really caught my attention.... it's a song your dad wrote in the 80's called "Too Young". It's on utube. He is playing the piano and singing some songs for a get together. It was funny, because he got into it and then forgot the words and said (laughing), "I can't believe I wrote this song and I can't remember the words!"
The chorus went something like this:
"I was too young; but that's no excuse...."
anyway the piano was beautiful in the beginning. If you want to stump your old man one day, ask him to see if he remembers that one! It was 1989, so I think you'd have a good shot at winning!
Thanks for the great stories,
Amber Lena