Monday, June 08, 2009

'Speaking of singles wards...'

Speaking in church is never easy, and just about everyone has a fear of public speaking. If I'm not mistaken, glossophobia out ranks necrophobia (or the fear of dying). And as the joke goes... "When attending a funeral, a majority of the people would prefer to be in the casket rather than giving the eulogy."

Well, I spoke in church last Sunday.

Two weeks before my pulpit pontification, I was corned near the bishop's office by one of his counselors: "Brother Osmond, you've been on our radar for the past month, and we would still like you to give a talk in church."



carolyne b said...
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carolyne b said...

Don you are correct we need to be edified at church on Sundays and not use this venue for picking up the sista's or brother's. Feed off the words that the speakers are talking about. and yeap I'd rather have a root canal then be cornered by one of the Bishopric for a talk.