Thursday, June 25, 2009

Alan Osmond on the Death of Michael Jackson

I was shocked to hear that Michael Jackson passed away so quickly! We will miss him. My condolences go out to Michael and to his family!

The Osmond family got to know the Jackson Family as we grew up in the entertainment business at the same time. There were 5 brothers in the Jackson 5 and 5 brothers in the Osmond Brothers. Michael and Donny were the only two unchanged voices on the radio at the same time.

Dick Clark promoted both of our groups and tour dates. We would often pass each other on the road and in the airports. We¹d call each other on the phone and try to get together, but it was difficult. Michael and Donny phoned each other quite often and we older brothers got to know each other and even challenged each other to a basketball game. We decided to make it football so we stood a chance of winning! Ha!

Our music had a lot of harmonies, and we both even had 1 sister, Marie and Janet. (The Jacksons had other sisters, but they weren't touring at that time like Marie was with ours.)

The Teen Magazines detailed our lives so much that we would laugh about them and how similar our lives were with theirs.

Michael stood out as a great entertainer! A Master of dance and song, he commanded the stage. Michael was a perfectionist, hard working, creative master entertainer.

Even in visiting with friend, Elvis Presley, we had some conversations where we talked about Michael¹s talents.

My heart goes out to the Jackson Family because of the love that families have!

Michael was a kind and generous person and like Elvis, had very little privacy.

We are better people for having known him and his family.

Our prayers are with them.

We will see him again, someday!

Alan Osmond


jaybs said...

I'm so deeply shocked at the news of the sad Passing of Michael Jackson. May He this day Rest in Peace.

emilee♥ said...

I too was shocked when I heard that he passed away. My sister and I had a Jackson 5/ Michael Jackson tribute day.

Cassandra said...

A sad day indeed. He will be dearly missed by those that knew him and adored him. The Jacksons and the Osmonds were a big influence on the music industry. So many performers pale in comparison. Michael will always be remembered as a great performer and collaborater. Rest in Peace Michael.

donamerce said...

Alan thank you so much for your sweet words. I am still in shock over Michael's passing. I had to work the day he died and I had to keep wiping away the tears as I attended to my clients, not an easy thing to do and keep it discreet and professional lol, but I got through it.

It's so sad that we will never hear a new song or see a new dance routine of his again. He was truly inimitable, a genius of entertainment, a very sweet soul. He will be sadly missed by many on this earth.

May Michael's soul Rest In Peace in Heaven xxx