Saturday, April 11, 2009

Marie Osmond Gets Candid About Life After Divorce

Marie Osmond sits down with our own Mary Hart to talk about life after divorce -- a topic she delves into in her new book Might As Well Laugh About It Now. Plus, she reveals what major movie role she turned down in the past, and why!

"Things in our lives that happen, they don't turn out the way they're promised," Marie tells Mary about being divorced twice. "You know, life is life, and you can either let it get you down or you can choose to move forward in it."

Marie goes on to say that her children are proud of her for her decisions, adding, "I know I did everything I could, and there's nothing wrong with saying, 'It's wrong, and I'm moving on.'"

Mary also asks Marie about turning down Olivia Newton-John's iconic role in 'Grease.'

Based on how the role was originally pitched to her, Marie says she disagreed with the message of a woman changing herself for a man.

"I don't think we have to lower ourselves as women to get anything," she says. She also says she's anything but naive, and didn't want her children to see her in that light by playing the role.

Marie writes about moving forward and rising above life's twists and turns in her new book.

Might As Well Laugh About It Now is in stores now.


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