Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Don Osmond is Cresting '30'

If you've been a long time Osmond fan, you might remember those days when Donny wore photos of his first-born son on the back of his vest and invited everybody to 'sign-up' for his fan club.

Well, that cute little baby isn't a baby anymore (although he IS still cute!) Now he's a writer who works in the field of public relations., when he isn't racing bobsleds.

Don has written about himself, and his upcoming 30th birthday, in the current issue of Mormon Times. If you'd like to read his guest blog, visit Mormon Times.

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Cheri said...

I enjoyed your article. More than 20 years ago, upon graduation from HS, all I wanted was to be a wife and mother - however I knew this was not to be so, as I didn't date! To my great surprise, I enjoyed being single! I was very shy and was hardly ever asked out, and never by LDS guys. But I had girlfriends and I enjoyed traveling, even all by myself and I did. I enjoyed reading your article, as it brought back wonderful memories. I have never been one to think about what others think about me. But I suppose that is not like most people. I think the ones who get to be single longer have it the best! They have the rest of eternity to be married. Of course it is a special thing to find that one who becomes your everything, always having a best friend close by. But the time you have to be single can be the best time of your life - for that season of your life. Which I think you brought out wonderfully in your article. Be happy where you are in life and enjoy it. I used to scratch my head when I went VT and the girls would say, "I just want a guy to call!" I could never relate to that. Get out and have fun! Why wait? Does it HAVE to be a date? For me, dating should come after I felt comfortable with a guy first. My oldest child didn't follow the into fashion design as she had wanted. She realized that she wanted to stay home with her children when she married. It was a very expensive school and a lot of money to pay if she wasn't going to work! Five years later, she would have graduated and been working for three years already. Who knows? She went into music and has a beautiful voice, a talent she probably wouldn't have found with different priorities. Ah, well, now I'm rambling . . . you have parents, so you know us old folks (I'm not really old . . . just old to you!), sometimes we just go off! Keep up the smile and enjoy life!