Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Thoughts --- Message from Alan

It is early in the morning and I felt prompted to get up and share something really important.

Our world is facing many changes with trying times, questioning God, New
government leadership, lowering of moral standards, seeking glory and the
things of the world and desires for Money, Money, Money!

I want to share with you my feelings about "What's going to happen to ME?" Scriptures are being fulfilled and as we make life's decisions. How about you? Ask yourself . . . Who do you Trust?

I helped my brothers write an album called "The Plan." The Plan of Life! I am writing another album called "The Way." The way back to God. The answer is . . . "He is the Way!" Jesus Christ!

Here is my favorite scripture that teaches us:

"Trust NOT in the "arm of Flesh. Lean Not unto thine own understanding. In ALL thy WAYS acknowledge HIM, and HE shall direct thy path."

It is time! You have the power to choose. The Lord is coming back soon. Yes, even the angels don't know when . . . but, the signs are coming forth. Do you fear Man? Or, do you fear God?
Ask HIM!



Keith L. Brown said...

Thank you for this powerful and insightful message. Personally, I believe that the Second Coming of our Lord and Savior is closer than most of us want to admit or realize. All one has to do is just look around them or read/listen to the local news and they will soon know that signs of the last days are upon us.

People may put their trust in a myriad of things, but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord. My hope, my faith, my trust is in Him!

Chris said...

Thank you so much Alan for taking the time to post a message and, what a message this is!
I can feel your concern about today's world as well as your love and devotion for God and his son Jesus Christ.

Can you tell us a little bit more about that new album that you're working on? Are you working on it all by yourself or with your sons maybe? Wow! Hope it won't take years and years before you finalize that project :)

jaybs said...

Alan it means so much that you share your Thoughts with us.

FAITH is so important, each of us are given the freedom of choice, which way we go, as the Scriptures say "He will come like a thief in the night" - which always brings back memories of a Gospel song from my teens "I Wish we'd all been Ready"

The Choice is Ours!

Blessings to You and all Your Family.

karessamom said...

Thank you so much for taking time to post a message. I can't wait for "The Way" to come out! I too have been thinking alot about what's been happening lately and one of the things that kept running thru my mind was the song "Last Days" We of course don't know when, He is coming but do know that He will. And like we have been counseled, we must be prepared in all things as well, if not more importantly, putting our trust and faith completely in the Lord.
Have a great Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

Dee said...

Dear Alan,

How can I really put into a few paragraphs how much you (and your whole family) mean to me? Just know that you do- tremendously. I feel truly blessed to have grown up with you, and please know how much love I have for you and them. I am enormously happy to see you and David doing so well!! It touched me so much to see your joy, as you performed with your family during the 50th. I joined Jay’s uPlej, which he started out of his love for you. I chose the MS society as my designated charity too.

Thank you so much for sharing your heartfelt words here. Your message is such an important one. In today’s world, it is more important than ever for us to pass on to, and teach others, especially the younger generation. For them to know God- it is their foundation! To have good values and morals, help others, take good care of their selves: eat healthy, good nourishment (and spiritual nourishment!), exercise, good sleep, have healthy thoughts, attitudes and actions. Make Family first. Make good choices and understand why, be leaders-not followers, be kind, uplift others, help not hinder, know that they are capable, understand that everything is possible and the list certainly goes on! Some don’t even know what they are missing. They need all this nourishment and sustenance, and will soak it up! If only they are exposed to it.

Thank you so very much, to you and Suzanne, for all you do to strengthen families and bring knowledge and understanding of God and Jesus Christ to all, and your charity work. You both are such a blessing to very many people. I sure hope to have the opportunity to meet you both someday! Now that I am older, I can fully understand why I loved you and your family so much when I was little. (And, boy did I!) All I knew then was that I did and you made me feel so good.

"The Way" will be such a gift and teaching tool for so many, Alan! I am very excited and look forward to it. Thank you for creating it!

Your sons are amazing persons (and extraordinarily talented!!) You both raised them well! I love them too and support all that they do and believe in! What wonderful role models they are as well, for the younger generation!

I hope this gives you some idea of how thankful I am for you. May God keep you and continue to bless you both, and everyone in your family with all that you need. Thank you again for your passion in making this world a better place.

Much Love,
Dee- Sunrise, FL.

Lu Ann Brobst Staheli said...

Alan asked me to post this message for him:

Yes, what is good to know is that:
“If we are prepared, we shall NOT fear!”

Thanks for joining with us!
See on the blog,


Laurel R. G. said...


Thank you for that very inspiring thought! It brings a whole new meaning to life! Thank you again!


Laurel Greathouse

grammy said...

Hi Alan,
Your post occurred quite a while back, obviously, so you may not see this comment, but no matter. I have noticed over the years how steadfast you have been in the Gospel and I admire it. When people ask how I learned about the Church,(This June 20th I will have been a member for 30 years)without hesitation I always say, "The Osmond Brothers were my first missionaries". It's the absolute truth. I watched everything you all did. Of course I READ everything about the family that I could get my hands on... and everything I saw and read told me how special you all were, and gave me an introduction to the Church. I was 21 before I finally got around to actually being baptized, but I've raised 3 children in the Church; both my daughters have been married in the temple, and the next generation is growing up in the Gospel... All because you and your family lived your religion and were shining examples everywhere you traveled. Thank you for that; for sharing the Gospel with me. I am forever grateful.
Margaret Goforth