Thursday, November 06, 2008

Marie Osmond's Show To Be Produced From Las Vegas

Photo: TVT

“I finally feel I’m home,” said Marie Osmond when she talked to me for the first time about her new extended contract to headline at the Flamingo. She confirmed Luxe Life’s recent exclusive that big brother Donny let slip that they will probably be here for at least four years with the option renewals.

“Now I’m really a Vegan,” she continued. “We really love Vegas. We live here in a lovely home in Henderson. The kids go to school here, and the entire family is happy to have made the move. We’re in the community, and we’re here to support and take part in it.“



Kristin Marie said...

Whoever said that, needs to go away. This is the Osmond Family Blog made by their big brother, Alan and their sister in law, Suzanne. They really don't need to have garbage on their blog.

-Kristin Marie

carolyne b said...

Kristin Marie, I totally agree please delete that first comment. If you don't like the Osmond family why go on to their blog.