Sunday, March 16, 2008

Osmonds Perform Together for First Time in Almost 30 Years to Mark 50th Anniversary in Showbiz

Press Release from ABC News Internet Ventures

Mar. 14, 2008—

America's first family of music performed live on "Good Morning America" this morning to celebrate their 50th anniversary in showbiz.

The nine Osmond singing siblings Donny, Marie, Alan, Wayne, Merrill, Jay, Jimmy, Viril and Tom  were joined by their 150-member extended family onstage at Walt Disney World after performing their hits "We're Having a Party" and "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother."

What started as a Las Vegas anniversary concert has now turned into a worldwide tour, PBS special and charity campaign to raise awareness for the Children's Miracle Network.

It was the first time the all siblings appeared together on stage in more than 27 years. They enjoyed it so much, that now Donny and Marie are planning to perform together again in Las Vegas when the tour is done.

"We're going to work together after 20 years & pray for me," joked Marie on GMA.

"She keeps making fun of me that I can't dance as well as she can &" Donny replied, referring to Marie's recent appearances on "Dancing With The Stars." The Osmonds say Disney World is the appropriate place for their 50th, since they credit Walt Disney himself for discovering them.

The tour also marks the 25th anniversary of the Children's Miracle Network, which the Osmond siblings helped establish with their parents to raise funds for children's hospitals around the country.

"We are very grateful for the legacy our parents left us & we inherited their hearts & we have aligned with 170 of the premier hospitals across the nation & this year is huge because we're launching it worldwide," said Marie.


Fun Being a Mom and Teacher said...

Lu Ann, Did you ever live in Metairie Louisiana? You look really familiar, or maybe I've just been a fan for so long that I remember you. Debbie Schmaltz

Lu Ann said...

I'm originally from Alexandria, IN. I used to travel to see the Osmonds in those distant years, then I moved to Utah in 1983 and started working for the Osmond Fan Club in 1987 and Alan Osmond Productions in 1988. Maybe you know me from there. Your name sounds familiar as well.

Chris said...

I am sooooo hoping that the osmonds will be doing another 50th anniversary concert here the in United States for those of us that were unable to get tickets to the concert in August. Any chance of that?

Peter said...

Lu-Ann are you a member of the Church. Back in 1977 there was a sister from Utah who came here to Canada on her mission.
Next week Jay, Wayne and Jimmy are coming to Winnipeg Manitoba.
I am so looking forward to seeing them. Because of their clean living and family togetherness. I was converted to the gospel of Jesus Chirst and baptized and confirmed back in November 1977.

Ros said...

I have a cookbook written by Mrs Osmond (Donnys mum)that I won in an Osmonds World competition in 1975. I am going to sell it, but I wanted a true Osmond fan to have first chance of buying it.