Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Message from Jay

TheFamily.com has received the following message from Jay Osmond, and he has given us permission to share it with all of you. You will also find this message on his blog.

"When it's all said and done, the most important thing we can do down here on earth, is to be spiritually directed. This entails being in tune enough to hear the right messages (called
inspiration), so we can be guided in making decisions that will not only bless ourselves, but others as well.

"When I was in Branson, a few years ago, there was a time that I got pretty lazy about setting things up (like checking drum stands, saxophone reeds etc.) before the shows. Apparently, one of my boys was playing around one night with my saxophone before one of the shows, and didn't tell me.

"When it came time for the show and play our saxophone number, I (without warming up) started blowing, and let out a major squeak, that was not only out of tune, but also ear piercing!

"It taught me a good lesson in two ways: first, to always check my instrument before a show, and secondly, to realize that we, like instruments, need to be in tune if we are to be instruments in the hands of the Lord!

"As Christians, we are taught to pray, read the scriptures, keep the Sabbath Day Holy, etc., so we can enjoy the Spirit, be happy, and help others! But when we don't do these things, we find ourselves out of tune, out of sync, and distant from God. When we get out of tune, it's because we have become lax. We have moved--not Him!

"Striving to live the Gospel is something that takes effort on a consistent basis and requires checks periodically. Though we are not perfect (nor will we be in this life), the willingness to
apply the principles of the Gospel to our everyday lives, is a sign to God that we love Him, and are trying to be intelligent and tune in to His Spirit!

Love, Jay"

Keep in touch with Jay via his blog: jayosmond.com

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