Friday, March 18, 2011

David Osmond pauses for SCERA concert

OREM — David Osmond is a busy guy these days.

He's performing all over the country, speaking at college functions and church firesides. He's recording new songs and serving as the ambassador for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

So why is he more than fine with taking a weekend to do not one, but two shows in Orem at the 450-seat SCERA Center for the Arts?

"My wife is seven months pregnant and I promised her I'd stay close around. I've been traveling a ton," Osmond said. "And the SCERA keeps asking. They ask me a lot."

He feels a pull to perform where his father and The Osmond Brothers started out and he really likes putting on shows for the hometown crowd. So he said "yes" to a concert.

The word spread and the concert sold out so quickly that the SCERA management asked him if he'd do a second concert the same night.

"It'll be fun. It's what I love to do," Osmond said. "I hope that my voice holds out."

He's only joking, of course.


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