Thursday, August 19, 2010

David Osmond travels Road Less Traveled

Lu Ann Brobst Staheli
Special Correspondent

David Osmond has been singing almost from the time he could talk, but his life journey has not always been easy. "Everyone thinks that because your last name is Osmond, the doors to a music career are already opened. Sometimes that's the very reason the doors are closed," Osmond says.

But making a name for himself as a solo act is not the only struggle David Osmond has experienced. "When I was eighteen, I had the opportunity to play the role of Joseph as an understudy for my uncle Donny. It was great, and my career was leading me places I really wanted to go," Osmond says. "Then it all came crashing to a sudden halt when I found myself in a wheelchair, unable to even move my toes."

At first doctors weren't sure what had brought on the problem and its varying symptoms--difficulty seeing, breathing, and hardly being able to move--but soon they had an idea. Lesions on his brain indicated David was showing signs of Multiple Sclerosis. "Of all things, the doctors theory was that a mosquito bite carrying the West Nile Virus was what 'triggered' the auto-immune reaction, causing the MS which I still have today."
"MS was something I had seen my father, Alan Osmond, live with for years," David says. "But mine struck hard and soon I was in a wheelchair, thinking I might never walk--or sing--again." The effects of the disease made it nearly impossible for Osmond to have the breath control needed to sing even a single song, let alone do an entire concert. Natural therapies, a good wife, and lots of prayers have brought David back onto the stage and given him a second chance. "I have been so richly blessed," Osmond says. "I truly believe in miracles, because I am living one."

Although he still lives with pain every moment of the day, David knows that performing is what he was meant to do in life. "If my music brings joy to another, then I have truly fulfilled my calling," he says.
Osmond found himself back in the spotlight when he was featured as a contestant on American Idol. Although he didn't make the Top 12--"Laryngitis!" he says, laughing at the memory--it did show the world that he definitely has a voice and looked to be back in top form. "A.I. opened a few more doors for me, and I knew I had to follow my dream of once again being a recording artist." (Osmond and his brothers had several hit singles in Europe and the U.S. in the 1990s.)

Last year David released a solo album, "Reflected," that he says gave him a chance to showcase his writing as well as his singing ability. "It proved that I was ready to take a giant leap of faith to forward my career, and it gave me a venue to prove I had broader range than just being a lead singer in a boy band."

That leap of faith is what brought him to the attention of Shadow Mountain executives. "I had already had the experience of working many solo tracks with other LDS artists, and the time in the studio for the solo CD taught me a lot about the craft. I was excited for the opportunity to share my experiences and the lessons I've learned with this new audience, as well as to offer praise to the One who had made this all possible."

Osmond's path has led him to "Road Less Traveled," a double CD released this week by Shadow Mountain. "This is my opportunity to bring messages of hope and praise to a wider audience," Osmond says. "But this is not your typical 'Sounds of Sunday.'" Osmond wrote almost all the tunes, along with his partner Aaron Edson. "Don't forget that song called 'Let Me In,' written by three other guys named Osmond," he adds laughingly. Then he becomes serious as he says, "It was great being able to do a remix with my dad, and I even let him sing along on the lead part. He sounded great."

The title song, inspired in part by his grandpa Pinegar who recently passed away, like the other songs chosen for this album, were all meaningful to David in some way. "My grandpa was an honest man, filled with integrity and dedicated to hard work. I wanted to honor those traits because he was such an inspiration to me." Just more proof why David has chosen to follow the road less traveled.

A bonus CD features five favorite hymns, chosen Osmond says, "Because they were personal favorites that resonated with me. I felt such emotion while singing them, and I wished I'd had written theses songs. I wanted this part of the project to stand as almost a prayer."

Road Less Traveled is available at Deseret Book both in-store and online,,, and

Source: Spanish Fork Press

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