Friday, August 13, 2010

David Osmond, from wheelchair to center stage

Everyone has the chance at least once in life to go down the road less traveled. It may be a path we choose or a path that chooses us.
David Osmond, the fourth son of Alan Osmond, has been down the road less traveled.
At times that road has been exhilarating — appearing on Good Morning America, performing on American Idol and recording two albums in one year. Other times, that road has brought bumps and unexpected curves — battling multiple sclerosis and being confined to a wheelchair.
For a time, Osmond, who's been performing since age 4, had to put music on hold. When he was first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, moving his hands was so difficult that he wasn't able to play the guitar. A lot of people, even some of his closest friends, don't realize Osmond was in a wheelchair for a while and could hardly move.
"They didn't ever see me at my worst because at that time I didn't have any answers," said Osmond. "We didn't know what was going on, so I didn't broadcast it. I wouldn't have known what to tell (everyone), and I guess I didn't want them to worry. I have to say though that I still have MS, and I live with the effects of it every day. But it is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me because it brings perspective and an appreciation for the smaller things I might otherwise overlook."
Despite extreme challenges, Osmond said MS has changed his life for the better.

"Music was taken away from me for quite a while," he said. "I was in a wheelchair and couldn't walk, my hands wouldn't move well and my eyesight was diminished. I even struggled with breathing. Singing and performing was done. The mere fact that I am on my feet able to get around and appear completely 'normal' again is nothing short of a miracle. Miracles happen every single day. I know that because I'm living one every single day."
With recent health improvements, he's been able to get back into music and has a fresh perspective on life. Even though he had to put music on hold for a time, his life experiences have given him plenty to write about, and now he's sharing what he learned through his music.
Earlier this year he released his debut solo album, "Reflected." Osmond's new inspirational album, "Road Less Traveled," just released Aug. 10. Many of the songs on these albums talk about embracing life every day and not taking a second for granted.
"I have so much on my heart to say and sing about, and felt it was the right time to make it happen," Osmond said.
The title track to his new album says, "I know it seems hard, but it's worth it to me, I'm on the road less traveled."
With the smooth and bumpy parts of the road, Osmond has stuck to one thing — music. He is driven to keep going because he knows the music inside him must be shared with the world.
With faith, perseverance and some heaven-sent miracles, Osmond has taken the road less traveled, and it's been worth every moment.
David Osmond (along with Alex Boyé) will be performing songs from his new album for the first time at a free outdoor concert Aug. 13 at 7 pm, by the new Deseret Book at the University Mall in Orem, Utah. For more information, visit


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