Monday, April 05, 2010

Oldest Osmond sibling shares life with famous family

George Virl Osmond Jr. sits in his modest living room in Lindon. On various shelves sit family photos. A closer look at the photos and one sees the trademark smiles of the Osmond brood, the nine children of George and Olive Osmond, along with their 20 grandchildren.

Virl is the oldest and embodies the trademark Osmond looks and grace with a broad smile, the pug nose and the heartfelt concern for whomever he encounters. He and his brother, Tom, were born hearing-impaired, and therefore not part of the performing acts of their seven siblings.

In spite of his handicap, he exudes that bright, contagious enthusiasm that people associate with the famous performing family.

"My brother and I helped with the Osmond Brothers' act -- we taught them sign language, so they could communicate on the set," he said. Virl's eyes twinkle as he continues. "And I taught them to dance. When they became well-known as a barbershop quartet, my mother, Olive, sent me to tap dancing classes so that I would not feel left out. I came back and taught the boys to dance."

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