Monday, March 01, 2010

Message from Alan

To all those who have sent their best wishes, their sorrows and condolences but, especially their prayers to the Family and our sister Marie, we wish to acknowledge that we and Marie have received them! You have truly touched our hearts! We can't express enough the Love that we have for all of you, and for your love, concerns, caring and prayers for us!

We know that our parents, George and Olive, who are in Heaven will be there to watch out for Michael in Paradise / Heaven! We are so grateful for the knowledge that we have of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ , for our Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit above for the "The Plan of Life"!

It is with Faith, Prayer, and knowledge of "The Plan of Life" that we can keep moving positively forward each day proving ourselves until we are reunited with them once again! How do we deal with all these "TESTS" that we get? Jesus is "The Way"! These "TESTS" then, become "TESTimonies" that Heavenly Father and Jesus Live and that they Love us Eternally!

Alan Osmond


Clemmie Nightingale said...

Thanks for posting Alan, it means so much to all of us who love all of you. I've always thought of Marie as the "best friend I've never met", and my heart and love goes out to her, her kids and all of you.It's a comfort to know that Marie has lots of strong arms to hold her and her kids. I've put her on my daily prayer list that I keep for my own family so she has my prayers always. God bless Alan, take care and love ya lots!
Janet Comby

carolyne b said...

Thanks Alan for such uplifting words of encouragement... which I am sure you are doing with your sister, Marie during this diffucult time. What a blessing the Gospel is; to know we can return to our Heavenly Home and that your mother and father are there with Micheal. Marie, and her children are in my prayers during this diffucult time.

bren4 said...

Marie and family,
Through the years you have been the strength and inspiration to help so many of us get through the trials we all face. It is my hope now that our faith and prayers will get you through the most difficult trial a Mother has to endure.Please know how much you are vloved,and my heart is breaking for you, but know that God will bless and comfort you at this time.May your wonderful memories of Michael bring joy to your heart.

Barb said...

My thoughts and prayers are with Marie, I pray she will find comfort in knowing so many people from all over the world care and are praying for Marie and her family. Depression has touched many families lives, as a mother and new grandmother my heart goes out to Marie for the loss of her son Michael. May our heavenly Father comfort her and give her strength.

RealtorShelley said...

Truisms can sound so trite when you're in the pain Marie I'm sure is bearing. The grief process following a suicide is intense and complicated. I pray for complete healing,knowing it will take time. With children to help process this as well, Marie, Brian and their family will need all the support they can get, for quite some time. Unlike other sudden passings, the guilt,sense of fear, responsibility,remorse, questioning every thing you have ever done or didn't do... it's awful. But there are blessings to be experienced,oftimes one breath at a time, forget the one day at a time saying... this is truly tough tough stuff. I pray that the Blosiland Osmond families sense the presence of God more now than ever before. God bless you all. And He does. I promise... My heart aches for you all. It'll get easier in time, but it will never be the same. And at somepoint, that will be okay. Your faith will carry you in the midst of this storm. Notice I said faith, not necessarily belief-because you walk in darkness not knowing where you'll end up. One step, one breath, right now, that's enough to handle... I love you guys...

The Johnsons said...

No words can properly say it...Nothing can take it away... so my prayer for you all is that you may you find comfort, peace and rest in the hollow of His hand.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your message, Alan!

I'm so sorry for your loss :(
My thoughts are with you all!
God bless you always!

Rest in peace Michael!