Monday, May 11, 2009

Don Osmond: Where's my wingman? You need one at a party

This one goes out to all my brothas in da quorum. (And that's just another fine example of a white boy trying to act gangsta'.)

Talk about a week of parties and celebrations. Last Monday was Happy Star Wars Day with people texting, "May the Fourth be with you!" Tuesday was Cinco de Mayo -- I've never seen so many Utahns embrace their Mexican heritage. Wednesday: a birthday party -- Happy Birthday, Lyndee! Thursday ... OK, nothing happened on Thursday. It's kind of an odd day of the week. Friday: Does anyone need a reason to celebrate the return of the weekend?

With all of these shindigs, you would think one would get tired and take a day off to recoup from constantly partying. Well, that's one of the blessings about being Mormon: no binge drinking. In fact, no drinking at all. No alcohol, no hangover. No hangover, more parties!

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