Friday, June 13, 2008

Note from Nathan & Plans made to rebuild birthplace of Osmond matriarch

A note from Nathan:

"Check out this article about the re-building of my Grandma Osmond's cabin. We are going to be there on July 19th for the dedication. We will be doing a concert the night before in Malad, ID and a fireside that Sunday. P.S. I have a FREE concert coming up on July 5th at 275 E. Center Street in Provo, UT. I would love it if you could help me spread the word. "

Here's the article from The Olympian (AP)

Plans are being made in this tiny eastern Idaho town to rebuild the log cabin that was the birthplace of Olive Osmond, mother of entertainers Donny and Marie Osmond, in hopes of attracting tourists.

Luke Waldron, who grew up in the town of about 200 residents, said he hopes to raise enough money to have the dismantled building put back together in time for Samaria Days on July 18, when the Osmonds Second Generation will be in town performing.

The musical group includes the eight sons of Alan Osmond, the third oldest of Olive's children. Waldron said they could take part in the dedication of the building if it is rebuilt in time.

Olive Osmond, who died in 2004, was born in the cabin in 1925.

"It was taken down about 15 years ago," Waldron, a history teacher at nearby Malad Middle School, told the Idaho State Journal. "We still have the original logs and we are trying to use as many of them as possible. Some can't be reused, though. Those at the top and bottom of the home are in pretty bad shape."

He said the cabin was originally built in 1869, and that Olive's grandparents, Sam and Mary Ann Martin, were living in the home when Olive was born.

The cabin changed hands in 1942, and Waldron said it was once listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

"A lot of the buildings put on the registry have been torn down or lost for other reasons," Waldron said. "There are still quite a few of them standing, and we are trying to save what is left."

He said the cabin will be rebuilt about 100 feet from its original site, improving its chances of being listed again on the register.

He said plans call for first rebuilding the room that was the living area and kitchen. If enough money is raised, he said a second room that was a large bedroom will be rebuilt.

"The one room is costing about $5,000 to get up," Waldron said. "If we could raise another $5,000, we could put the other room up. We decided to put up the one room and hopefully people will get excited about the project."

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Shayna Waldron said...

Luke Waldron and his wife donated the land that the cabin will be located on. They had to move the cabin about 300 feet to the north of the original homesite. Luke has put many hours and skill in rebuilding the cabin and has actually decided to build both rooms at this time. There is one problem though, Money! Although many hours and supplies have already been donated, the cabin rebuilding is going to cost $10,000, we are a small town and do not have the funds to accomplish this great tribute to Olive May Davis Osmond and to all our pioneers. The Davis cabin was one of the first homes built in Samaria, Idaho. Please pass the word around that we are in need of any donations that people can give. We know that we are in hard times, but we hold this project close to our hearts and want it to keep going. You can make monetary donations by mail, or by paypal. By mail, Samaria Recreation District Osmond Cabin c/o Phyllis Price, 3512 South 4400 West, Samaria, Idaho 83252: By Paypal

Any amount would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! If you have any questions please contact, Shayna Waldron