Monday, June 16, 2008

David Osmond launches new Website and blog

David Osmond has launched a new website at blog, and he invites you to visit. His website can be found at:

The blog can be clicked from that site, or you can find it directly at the link below: David's blog

Also, David has been interviewed by the National MS Society. The resulting article can be viewed at: National MS


jaybs said...

Thanks for the information! the first link does not work to "Blogger" ?? but the second link is fine.


Anonymous said...

Hi ! great first blog.. it is not clear how to find the blog but I got there in the end. :0)

love Phebes xx

Lorettamarie said...

David 1st off congrats 2 u & Val I had crush on u for 3 yrs LOL u have an amazing talent & u are gorgeous Valerie is a very lucky gal the best of everything 2 u both when's that cd coming out I hope u still plan on releasing it & last but certainly not least I'm sooooo glad 2 hear u are alright & your health is improving I just wanted 2 say hell tvgc & gb both of u with love & warmest regards Loretta a.k.a. Angel !

Jeff said...

Your concert at the Scera was incredible! Thank you for sharing your testimony through your music. What a gift! Your performance was inspiring and uplifting. You and your dad are an amazing example to all of us.
We appreciate the encouragement and health info with the essential oils and green drink that your mom and dad have offered to my husbands twin brother, Gregg, who has MS. What is in that green drink? What else are you doing to alleviate your symptoms?
God bless you and your beautiful family.
Love you! Keep smiling,
Jonnetta and Jeff Baldwin