Friday, May 09, 2008

An Osmond Mother's Day Tribute

From: Good Things Utah

Alan and Suzanne have eight children and 15 grandchildren ... and counting. Alan, Suzanne and their eight charming sons, young men also known as The Osmonds - Second Generation, share favorite family memories and a beautiful tribute to ... Mom.Raising eight boys is a daunting task for anyone and her son David expressed amazement that in the early years, Suzanne was keeping up with six of those little boys who were all under the age of eight! What is her secret? "Get up early, get yourself ready first, then get everyone else ready or you won't even get into the shower until after noon!" The Osmond boys love Mom's cooking and she is famous for keeping a chocolate cake ready to feed them at anytime. But, growing boys can't live on cake alone and Suzanne is armed with an amazing arsenal of delicious, fullfilling recipes and tips. You can get her treasure trove of information from her website, Cooking for Boys. For more information about the Osmond family, Alan and Suzanne's charity, One Heart, and the all latest Osmond news please visit the family website:


Tracy said...

This is very awesome. Thank you so much.

jaybs said...

Really nice tribute to all Mother's, even those of us whose "Mom's" have Gone Home

Here in the UK we have a different date for "Mothering Sunday" March, but it's good to have a bonus of two!

May all Mother's have a really Special day full of Blessings!


Lisa said...

What a lovely tribute to a wonderful, special lady. I know the family misses her terribly.
I know that my mom has always been my best firend and I love her dearly. Happy Mother's Day to all of the mom's out there. Also to those of us you have a mothering heart but no children. As Tracy said, this is awesome, Lisa