Thursday, May 22, 2008

Are You Related to the Osmonds?

The Osmonds are looking for their long-lost relatives. If you'd like to know how you are related to the family, check out the message at Gen-Tree.

Here's the link:

Or if you'd like to read what others are saying, here's a blog link that quotes Alan:


Road Warrior said...

This is such an amazing thing that you are doing with GeneTree. I've actually sent away for the testing kit as your mother shares her maiden name with my family and comes from the same area around south England and Wales. It'll be fascinating to see what pops up when I get the results! :)

(I've been tracing my family tree for a couple of years now but the Davis branch has provided some challenges. :-D)

Much love
Leanne Davis
Orillia, ON, Canada

old momma said...

Hi, growing up my adopted grandmother took us to Bear Lake Idaho and there I found graves marked with Osmond surnames. Being a young teen in the 70's I was excited to think that I could be related to the Osmonds! My grandmother was Bessie Welker Jacobson and I am tied to the Osmonds not only by Jacobson line but by Welker lines. My grandmother told me that when the family lived in Ogden she use to sit the older boys in her home. I never met any of the Osmond family but growing up it made me proud to say "Hey I am related to them". There are still members of the Jacobson line that would be blood related to them still living in Odgen. My youngest sister and my older adopted brother are blood relation. Since I do the family genealogy I was going down the family line and made the connection today to my tree. My blessings and prayers to the family on the loss of their parents. Love a Cousin