Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The One Heart Foundation Supports Warming Families

arming Families ~ Warming the homeless 'families' of the world, one warm item at a time!

Warming Families is a volunteer project with a two-fold mission:

1) Provide much needed warm blankets and other warm items (hats, mittens, scarves, slippers, sweaters, teddy bears, etc.) to homeless families and individuals in shelters (homeless, domestic violence, orphanages, etc.) throughout the world.


2) Provide a mechanism where families as well as other community groups and individuals can work together to provide these warm items.

Volunteers deliver these items to local shelters to be used by or given to the people that they service. Only new, either handmade or store bought items are delivered through this project,
giving a person who has been displaced from their home something brand new with which to keep warm.

Volunteers are needed in all areas of the United States and Canada.

Free crochet, knit and quilting patterns as well as ideas on how to 'strengthen families through charity work' can be found on the Warming Families website.
Web address:

Contact: Kaye Rogers, Project Leader
if you'd like to know more or become involved in this worthwhile project.

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