Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Watch Entertainment Tonight

Entertainment Tonight is scheduled to be in Branson today, Tuesday November 13th, to tape a segment with Jimmy, Jay, and Wayne. No air date for this interview has yet been released, so watch the show and listen for details.

Of course, Donny has been a regular correspondent on the show, covering his sister Marie and the other contestants on "Dancing with the Stars." E.T. is running featured spots this week with Donny, reporting on the entire family and the funeral of their father.

Video clips from E.T., including interviews with both Donny and Marie, are available at the show's website: www.etonline.com

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Debra said...

I thought Larry King exposing Marie's son was in extreme poor taste. He is a minor who deserves the right to privacy during this difficult time. Shame on Larry King.