Monday, November 12, 2007

Donny & Marie on Larry King Show
Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Donny and Marie join Larry King to discuss the death last week of the man who created an entertainment dynasty--their father, George. They honor his memory with laughter, tears and an incredible legacy! Brothers Alan and Merrill will also join them on the show.

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Sarah said...

The Osmond Family's appearance on tonight's Larry King was inspiring to me, especially hearing Alan's comments about faith and family. I would very much like to send him a private note thanking him for so many reasons. Is there an email address or PO Box address, perhaps, that I could use?

Thank you so much and God Bless you.

Lu Ann Brobst Staheli said...

I'll share your message with Alan. If he has an email address that is appropriate to use, I'll get that to you. I agree, the show was very inspiring.
Lu Ann

Anonymous said...

Hello, Marie, and the Guys! I just wanted to say that I thought what Larry King did to you was a low blow. He was cold, insensitive and showed his true self when he threw stuff at you, Marie. He was trying to embarrass you and show that your family wasn't all that great. Well, I know all families have problems. I think you handled it beautifully and Donnie really took up for you. I wish I had brothers like that! I could tell the show was strained after that. I liked how you brought up religious beliefs and used that to show that he couldn't ruffle you! He would abruptly change the subject, and that was not lost on aware viewers.

I wrote his show and told him what I thought. His true colors show. Remember that he is loyal to the Jewish part of him even though he claims to be agnostic, and no matter what you have been taught, they do not like Christians. Read what the Talmud says sometime and you will be so shocked. I thought it was horrible that he would do that to you, Marie, after all you have been going through. Hang in there and know that we are praying with you for your son. We do not think any less of you or your family. You were blessed to have such a great family!

Seeing clips reminded me of how I watched you when I was little. Those were such better times in this world. You dance great by the way, and I hope you win the dance show. Maybe Larry was trying to discredit you and make you upset, but be the strong woman you are and know that at least one woman out here saw how he did you and thought you handled it wonderfully.

I am sorry for the loss of your father. Dance on!

Sarah said...

Lu Ann, thank you so much. I would appreciate that. Shall I post my personal note here then? There's so much I would like to say!!!!

cherylann said...

Wow. It is hard to believe how long ago it was that I first became an Osmond fan. I still enjoy the "oldies" and newer performances the family has given. Thank you all for sharing your talents and doing it in a wholesome way. It goes to show you don't have to be disgusting to entertain people! Thank you again.

I want to address the Larry King episode. I was very much angered by Larry's lack of good taste.

Donnie, you are a true gentleman. To give Larry King an apology when it should have been HIM to apologize, for his tactless question, is very admirable. And, Marie, you were truly "grace under fire!" ~~~Clap, Clap!~~~

Regardless if the tabloids were going to come out with "the story" or not doesn't make what Larry did acceptable. The tabloids are known for their sleezy, gutter wallowing, destructive reporting. For Larry King to lower himself to those standards is inexcusable. To me, that appeared to be a case of getting to be the first one to wallow. Regardless of how many pigs are in the mud, and which one got there first, they are all still dirty!

You have persevered through loss, trials and rumors! Good for you all! Dignity, determination, and unity pulls you through. Whatever problems you are facing, may you find answers, peace and strength as you walk through them. I wish you all happiness and blessings.

And Marie... this comes from someone who is also over forty! You go girl! Your dancing,style and keeping up with the best of them has been a joy to watch! Proof that a woman can be over forty and still be fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I just wanted to say that you are amazing people. I don't think Donnie should have apologized for anything. King was wrong! What is up with everyone apologizing to him like he is God or something? Anyway, he did more than talk about Marie's son. He was insulting all the way through. He showed her pass-out, and he said, "You actually got paid for that?" when viewing the old shows, and spoke up about the Las Vegas thing without asking first. He was so rude! He should be apologizing to the family for HIS behaviour! (I still don't know why Dog Chapman apologized to Larry King, when King was not called anything. Maybe he runs more than we know.)

The Osmond family shows tact, and are a good group of people. Seeing them reminds me of the days when this world was better. It is going down so fast, that people won't even be suprised when America, Canada, and Mexico end up joined together and we change all our money to the Amero. That's what is coming, folks. Bush is trying to make it happen. We will all need Christian strength like the Osmonds have for us to get through these difficult days ahead.

Keep up the good work on 'Dancing with the Stars' Marie!