Monday, November 01, 2010


Osmond Network <>  has launched a NEW web design for <>  with many new features creatively designed to help "Strengthen Families".

Alan and Suzanne Osmond are the hosts of this new interactive site with videos, audio, photos, daily inspiration, a family forum and family blog with helps to "strengthen" The Body, The Mind, The Spirit, The Family and
The World" for Families.

It has the latest technology of WordPress with access to social networks like facebook, twitter, youtube, google, buzz, designfloat, delicious, digg, stumbleupon, reddit, technorati, RSS feed, friend links, etc. with site map,
search and archive capabilities that is easy to use for all members of the family.  We also have a monthly newsletter that you can receive, FREE. If ever there was a time that the family has been challenged, targeted, and exposed to violence, sex  and pornography, foul language, drugs and explicit photos, vulgar scenes, unhealthy foods, disrespect, broken marriages and homes, with a negative outlook for their future, it is NOW!

We need to "Get NoiZ" and turn this world around. In fact, it is NOW time to RESCUE the Family from the worldliness. Please get your friends and ALL of the family to join us at: <> .

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