Wednesday, June 02, 2010

David Osmond chosen as's Artist of the Month for June 2010

June 01, 2010 - For a self-described "uber-optimist," singer/songwriter David Osmond sure has some battle scars.

After all, the Utah-bred songster with the famous last name has had to overcome a few obstacles, not the least of which has been his bout with multiple sclerosis. Despite his struggles, though, Osmond brings a "joie de vivre" to his music that never runs short on hope and positivity. His message has resonated with the online community of, who have chosen Osmond as June 2010's Artist of the Month.

"I wanted to make the music that was in my heart," he said. "Especially because for some time I wasn't able to perform."

No more than three years ago, Osmond was bound to a wheelchair, nearly paralyzed as a result of his affliction. After slowly regaining his functions, Osmond had something to say.

"It's given me a new perspective on life, appreciating every single moment," Osmond said.

That outlook has its fingerprints all over Osmond's new album "Reflected". Songs like "Every Second Counts," set soaring choruses atop sparkling guitars, while bouncy, mid-tempo tunes like "Heartbeat Melody" showcase Osmond's more playful side.

Many may remember Osmond from his appearance on American Idol, but the tunesmith's pedigree goes way beyond a talent competition. His father, Alan Osmond, is the oldest of the performing Osmonds, along with siblings Donnie and Marie. Osmond said it is his father's optimism, in spite of his own struggles with MS that roots itself deep into his own craft.

"He showed me how to keep fighting…the glass isn't half full, it's overflowing," Osmond said. "That's where this music really came from, it's a culmination of all my experiences."

According to Osmond, Stereofame is the perfect vehicle for him to promote his music, his way.

"There's a new way to market yourself and sell your music online," he said. "I think Stereofame is right at the front of that."

Check out Osmond at and look for "Reflected" on his website at


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