Friday, May 07, 2010

Fireside honors Olive Osmond

MALAD, Idaho (ABC 4 News) - What was it like to grow up as one of the famous Osmonds?

Hundreds of people got a glimpse at an LDS fireside in Malad, Idaho.

The event provided an intimate look at the relationship between Olive Osmond and each of her nine children.

The Osmonds said there was love and faith in their home, and that their mother, was the heart of it.

“She loved life, and she taught and engrained in our thinking and in our life the importance of people and in loving people,” said son Jay Osmond.

MORE with Video Link to the Fireside

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Kathlyn Osmond said...

Thanks Lu Ann for keeping up on posting all the information on your blog. You're blog is how I keep up with all the Osmonds. Ha! Love ya!