Thursday, January 07, 2010

A Thousand Years of Osmond History

Tom & Vera Davis are the Parents of Olive Davis Osmond, the Mother of the performing Osmond Family! They played a very important role, besides their Davis / Nichols genes, in making their daughter, Olive, and her children successful.

This book reveals the importance of education and the love of music with talents that comes from the "other half" of The Osmond Family and their Welsh descendants. When you see who they were and get to know them, you will find a lot of valued, dedicated, and hard working people with faith and musical tendencies that got passed down to their children and grandchildren.

Olive May Davis was a piano player and loved the saxophone which she played with Fred McMurray on the Andy William's TV Show in the '60's. Though several of her family were hard working farmers, miners, wood cutters, educators and seamstresses, you will learn that they were also musical and made violins. Anna Jenkins and John Marsh (descendants) had 12 children and taught them to sing in four-part harmony! (That's how the Osmond Brothers
started in 1957!)

Several family members joined the LDS Church and moved from Wales to Idaho. Olive was born in her grandparent's cabin which has now become a museum in Samaria, Idaho to be dedicated on May 3, 2010. They believe that "God's "Plan of Life" is the Family. This book was created for their posterity and friends to remember their Ancestors and the love that they had for higher education, musical talents, honest and simple living, who were a hard working people that produced a great posterity that has influenced the world! This book contains several pictures, genealogy sources, family history, that genetically ties many families together with historic relationships.

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