Thursday, October 01, 2009

Famous Family Nights #1

Alan Osmond and his niece Amy Osmond are both contributors in Deseret Book's #1 bestselling book about Family Home Evening.

Famous Family Nights contains essays by Alan, Amy, our blog editor Lu Ann Staheli, and over 60 other well-known artists, authors, musicians, etc. from the LDS community and is filled with great ideas for ALL families.

To see the #1 status and to learn more about the book, follow this link:

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The Spirit of Perfume - FM Cosmetics said...

Just finished watching the video of Mothers and Fathers. 9 mintues of wonderful words & advice. I too have 5 children and now 12 grandchildren who are not in the church but I wished they would be. I pray for it as I know they would live a more fulfilling life if they were. Thank you for sharing this video and bringing it to my attention. Also Alan it was so good to hear you speak AS a mormon giving a speech like this because it has enriched my opinion of your whole Family even more.
God Bless all your family.