Friday, March 20, 2009

Brandon is the WINNER!

Brandon Osmond came out the winner last night at the Mormon Times Showcase concert at the Covey Arts Center. Congratulations, Brandon!

A special Thank You to photographer Jeremy Hall who is allowing us to use his photo. To find out more about Jeremy and his photography, please visit his website:

For more information about the event, visit Mormon Times:

Photo Copyright 2009 Jeremy Hall & Great Projects. Please do not redistribute, copy or republish in any manner without prior permission.

(Permission for use granted to the Osmond Family Blog: Strengthening Families from Jeremy Hall, 3/20/09)

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Kim said...

I love the Osmonds and have followed the brothers and Marie for years (I am 45 just like Jimmy, so that tells the amount of years). Anyway, when you post things about the children of the original 9, would it be possible to put a parent name maybe in parentheses behind the "childs" name. I realize that the offspring of the original 9 are adults and doing their own things, but it would be nice to know which family they are from.
OH, and if any of the family is reading this.... Wayne, you are just as note worthy as the rest--get a regular website and quit hiding!! Everyone of you are important to the group.