Friday, January 16, 2009

Dancing With the Stars: Donny Osmond To Dance But Not Just Yet!

January 16, 2009 03:00:02 by Paulene Hinds
The contestant rumors have begun for Dancing With The Stars season 8 and a new name added to the list this week is none other than Donny Osmond! He will apparently be following in his sister Marie’s footsteps, but not just yet.

Although Donny Osmond has begun taking dance lessons to prepare his body for the physical demands of the show, he is currently involved with a Flamingo show in Las Vegas and apparently didn’t have enough lead up time to change the time of it and the schedules of everybody involved with it.

So sea son 8 of Dancing With The Stars will not include the mellow voiced crooner, but don’t cry ladies…Donny Osmond will be available for season 9.

Donny is planning on shifting his schedule to make room to do the show and will commute between Los Angeles, for the live mid evening broadcast on ABC and Las Vegas for any late evening shows scheduled on Mondays and Tuesdays each week.

A source was quoted as saying to Robin Leach, “It also gives him a little longer to build up his strength. The Dancing show requires a lot of stamina, and with their nightly show at the Flamingo, it will be a Herculean effort of super fitness to avoid injuries as some of the stars experienced last season.”

Donny Osmond was bitten by the Dancing With The Stars bug when his sister Marie was on season 5 of the show in 2007. He became a special correspondent for ET during that time, doing exclusive interviews and reviews about the show.

Robin Leach also commented in his article, “Donny is very enthusiastic about taking up the chal lenge and he is continuing with dance lessons to get him ready for next fall’s Season 9 of Dancing With The Stars!”

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Photo by: Las Vegas Weekly

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