Friday, September 12, 2008

Donny & Marie Interview Each Other on E. T.

They know the questions to ask -- and the buttons to push! Tonight, Donny & Marie Osmond are on the all-new ET set to interview each other, and you won't believe what they say!

"We are so excited to be part of christening this beautiful set here in Studio 4, and it is a beautiful stage," says Donny.

"Absolutely," replies Marie, "and everything's perfect except for one thing: Well, you're here instead of Mary."

Before they even arrive on the new set, Donny is up to his tried-and-true antics backstage, where he perfects the surprise "pop-in" to Marie's dressing room with the ET cameras -- and she's none too pleased, especially because her forehead just got burned with a curling iron!

"I've put together some questions for my sister," says Donny in their one-on-one interview. "When was the one time you wished you were an only child?"

"Probably between the ages of zero and 29," replies Marie. "I'm glad I've got a big family. I would have liked to have a sister, although Donny was very close to that -- he was very good at putting on my make-up."

Then it's Marie's turn to ask a question: "If you could be part of any family, other than our family, who would you choose and why?"

"Well, the first thing that comes to my mind is the Jacksons, because I wanted to sing 'Ben'!" says Donny, adding with a laugh, "I would pay money to see Michael Jackson sing 'Puppy Love.'"

ET was also exclusively with Donny & Marie for their big opening night at the Flamingo Las Vegas this week. The all-new production follows on the heels of a sold-out week at the MGM Grand Hotel. It's a 90-minute, multimedia extravaganza featuring Donny and Marie's timeless hits, including "Paper Roses" and "Puppy Love," with plenty of dazzle and an accompanying cast of electrifying dancers.

Watch ET for more with Donny & Marie!

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