Monday, August 11, 2008

Brandon and Shelby Wedding

We ran across this on the blogosphere and thought we'd pass the link along. (see bottom of the page to visit the original post and read it all.)

Brandon and Shelby got married on Wednesday and their reception was Friday night. "The whole setting was gorgeous, even though the torrential downpour at the beginning left all of us soaking wet and ducking for cover. Shelby's dress was gorgeous and she looked like an angel. Brandon was handsome as ever and they both looked so incredibly happy."

"LDC sang two numbers for them, Gentle Voice and When Love Came Down. . . Donny was running around getting the whole thing on video and the photographer who was shooting pictures at 40 beats a minute!"

"Donny was thrown in the pool while wearing his tux! . . . He proceeded to get out and throw his son's girlfriend in as well. She was such a good sport, climbing out in her black cocktail dress and high heels. "


Mary B said...

Thank you for sharing this and congratulations to the happy couple!

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing the wonderful news, and I pray that the Lord bless them both and may they always keep the Lord the center of their marriage. God bless Leslie

Thomasina said...

Brandon looks exactly like his dad! Congrats to the newlyweds!

Anonymous said...

Well CONGRATULATIONS to you Brandon and Shelby.I know that you will be awesome together.Hope you had a wonderful day,apart from the rain.You should be use to the rain Brandon after doing your mission in Scotland.Here in Elgin it is pouring down again:-( I look forward to hearing from you at some point Brandon,I have left you messages and aint had a reply.Mind you are probably busy since getting home.Our church is full to the brim now.We now have 58 new members and standing room only.Hard to believe but its true.Brother Butler is pretty ill at the moment and is getting treatment for cancer,but he is doing ok(ish).He still drives to church from Lhanbryde.But he is looking good for the pain he is in too,bless him.Im disabled now due to my back.I have to get treatment every week and waiting for an operation to see if Im going to be able to walk un aided and painfree.David enjoys the gospel and is due to be Baptized in a year and a half and he cant wait.He is Jordons double.Jordon is in High School now and 12 years old and is taller than me...mind you that wont be hard huh?Paula works in Asda as a cleaner at night.Iam talking to a few single adult men from the gospel on here and one guy is coming up to Elgin with two Missionaries to see if we need them back again.I miss not having you guys round for lessons and for fun too.Right Im away now for my doctor to give me a morphine injection again:-( But it helps a wee bit lol.Love to you and your lovely wife Shelby.Please make contact Brandon as that would cheer me up big tmie.Maybe you dont want to speak to me,I dont know.May The Lord bless you both and all you families too.Take care as I care,Love Sister Cath Smith and Family Scotland xx

Anonymous said...

Brandon and Shelby makes the most gorgess couple ever,he had his Pop (donny) eyes and that cute "half" nose and his bride Shelby so dank cute and so deliciously gorgeous